Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the happy couple....

we interrupt this program to report this exciting news!! my wonderful, yet delusional, husband is mad at me today~the feeling is definately mutual~i was refusing to argue with him earlier so i took the phone of the hook. he called and got the voicemail and either didn't realize he was being recorded or wanted me to hear the following brilliant idea. he asked his co-worker and friend, david, if he wanted to just turn gay and get rid of women all together. i did not hear david's response but i think the picture above says it all...

i hope they will be very, very happy together.
oh, the picture also came with a message that read something like this:
"we are so excited to move into our new house where we can hit balls and throw partys and you will not be invited."
do you think they were talking golf balls....or another kind???

stock tip of the day: is KY a publically traded company??

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