Thursday, January 24, 2008

father knows best?????????

so i was thinking about this show the other day and while i've never actually seen an epidode, i have a pretty good idea what it's like. considering it was during the "leave it to beaver" era, i'm sure the mom vacuumed in her heels, the parent's slept in separate twin beds and the wife was oh so obedient to her husband~yuck. anyway, it got me thinking, just what is it that father knows best...first of all, let me say that i feel my father is the wisest person i know. he would argue with me on that, but truly, i trust his opinion and advice above anyone else's. but let me tell you one thing i know that father does not know much work it takes to run a household and family. and i'm not talking about the financial aspect...i know my husband works his ass of to support this family financially and i'm not taking that away from him in any way. but if you were to ask my husband what i do in a day, he'd probably tell you that the majority of my day is spent alternating between watching t.v., eating, and napping. men, or i should say SOME men, think that just because a woman stays at home, that we are not working. what a crock. my day is non-stop and while it may not be as mentally strenuous as my husband's job, it is demanding physically and emotionally. any stay at home mom will tell you that dealing with a stubborn toddler that doesn't want to do anything but color and eat cheese all day, is tough. but you know why they don't think that...because they would just let them color all day (color the walls, furniture, dogs, etc.) and eat cheese all day. but who will be up with said toddler at two in the morning when they are extremely constipated from all the damn cheese??? you guessed it, mom. dad will be over there snoring away, not a care in the world. my husband insists on having a cleaning lady because according to him, i don't clean well enough. i'm not quite sure what he's basing his standards on considering his house was DISGUSTING when i first moved in. but anyway. he would rather keep the cleaning lady and then give me a hard time because we pay a cleaning lady...i have asked him numerous times to let her go. he refuses. so what do you do?

back to my don't have a clue...even a man that is a stay at home dad doesn't have a clue unless he does things like a mom does. for example, when i'm here with my daughter all day, i am constantly picking up the house, doing laundry and various other things at know, multi-tasking. when my husband is left with mackenzie, he gets on the couch and she runs wild. i came home one time, he was passed out on the couch while mac was standing up in the bar stool and the back door was unlocked...for those who don't know, we have a pool and the back door is to be locked at ALL TIMES. no exceptions. in other words, everything goes to shit and i have to clean up the mess when i get home. if he watched her like i do, he'd know how hard it is. but he'd rather assume that during the day, that's me on the couch...napping and watching tv. and yes, i do have the tv on all day because i've always been that way...i like to hear it in the background...but by no means am i in front of it zoned out all day long. they just don't have a clue. the only "me" time that i have during the day, meaning the only time i am doing something for just myself, is at the gym. and while i enjoy working out, i'm doing it because i want to look good and be healthy. sure, there are many other things i'd rather be doing but apparently you can't look like carmen electra by just wishing for it so i must work out.

my husband is not the only one that feels this way...numerous women~and by numerous, i'm talking about my group of wonderful friends, have told me that there husbands feel the same way...

i have a proposal for a new reality show....let the dad take over for one whole week. they must do everything that the mom does and the same way that mom does. no exceptions. maybe then they'd appreciate a little more what we do for our family.

until then...stay strong fellow moms and know that while your husband may not appreciate your efforts and hard work, i'll be toasting everyone of you in the six o'clock hour..and the seven...and eight..and well, you get the point.

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Anonymous said...

yea let the wife take over and the familey would be on the streets in less than a week in our case.while you have a pity party for your self and your rough job pull you dam head out of the clouds remimber that indians had to take care of the kids the garden skinn the anmials cook the food and after they gave bith they went back to work and any sparetime the had thay chewed the anmals hide to make the shoes and close and tee pee cover for there familes the white man came over here and made this great county america in the name of jesus chist and killed raped more indians then the holicost can hold a candle to god the american house wife is such a rough job shit glad im not a woman. exspecialy a indian woman wake you got it sooooo easy you dont even realize who the real brat in you house is reality check o shit did did you miss a work out or a nail job or a mother day out or one of your shows.shit you realy shoud start a show called the spoiled ass wife