Thursday, January 17, 2008

darwin may have been on to something.....

blake and i took mackenzie to the ft. worth zoo before christmas. i shot this picture because the scene was very familiar to me. i'm not sure if this is a male and female, but for the sake of this blog, we'll pretend that they are. this particular scenario can be seen on any given day or night in the brewer house. cory has always got something he's wanting me to check out on his back, back of his head, you name it. i'm always hearing, "tracie, can you come look at this?" and i do it matter how disgusting..for better or worse, right? i so think i have earned that laptop. moving on...
so after seeing this at the zoo, i got to thinking..maybe we did evolve from apes. i mean, i guess it's not that far of a stretch if you watch them for a while. they do behave like we do~or we behave like them~however you choose to look at it.
i had one throw shit at me once. i was in the 7th grade and we were on a field trip. i had my brand new white guess jeans on~and i do believe my mom tried to get me to not wear them because they would get dirty at the zoo. of course, she was right~she was always right~ but i didn't know that at the time. so i wore the jeans. our teacher warned us not to taunt the apes because they don't like it...well, who the hell does?? they have no verbal skills to express their disdain, so they do the next most logical thing...they throw shit at you. perfectly understandable..i've wanted to throw a pile of shit at a few people i had shit all over my new guess jeans. lessons learned: don't taunt the gorillas and do not wear new white jeans to the zoo.
on another note, i am really getting sick of this whole writer's strike....just give them what they want!! my tv time is starting to suffer tremendously! no grey's anatomy, office, desparate housewives, brothers and sisters..the list goes on and on. atleast lost comes back on the 31st~yeah!! i can't wait...i did read that one of my new favorite shows is being cancelled because of the strike..dirty sexy money..i was so getting into that show. this strike has got to end. soon.
boot camp is going great..i'm really enjoying it. and getting up is not that bad..i like the fact that by 7 am my workout is done for the day.
well, that's all for now...happy thursday.

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