Tuesday, October 7, 2008

random tidbits....

~ is it just me, or is ronald mcdonald the creepiest looking thing ever?? seriously. how did he ever appeal to young children? he creeps my ass out.

~my two year old recognizes oprah and barack obama and calls them by name. think are t.v. is on a little too much?? that was a rhetorical question...no need to answer.

~why does my husband keep clipping his toenails into the bathtub when the trash can is a just a few feet away??

~i watched a show last night about a couple who are about to have their 14th child and all i kept thinking is does she have to use duct tape to keep her uterus from falling out?

~i wonder if he didn't before, does o.j. believe in karma now???

~with all the advances in medicine, i wonder if they are close to impregnating a man? you think they got someone working on that one? if not, someone needs to get on that. i'd pay good money.

~why are there still directions on the back of shampoo bottles. i think we got it by now. and does anyone actually repeat?

~how long has sesame street been on the air?

~why is a man assertive and a woman a bitch? not that i care..i wear my bitch badge with pride.

~do you think it's okay to take a bottle of wine in your bag to the hospital? to have AFTER the baby is born, of course.

~i believe they should give you a catheter and epidural during your last month of pregnancy....simply for convenience reasons.

~why is it that the people that won't go out and vote will be the ones that do the most complaining about the results?? VOTE, PEOPLE!!! i mean, it's just our future we are talking about.  

~why can't i find time to take a good nap??

~i'm going to the state fair this weekend and plan on eating everything that is bad for me...which is everything at the fair. they have fried bacon, people. you might as well inject the lard directly into your veins.

that's all i got right now..happy tuesday!


Amy said...

Sesame Street started in 1969. Riley loves it....still!!!

Mike & Lindsay said...

I love your random thoughts. You should do a weekly segment on here for us!!

shauna said...

I laughed when I read this.


Are you STILL pregnant?