Monday, October 13, 2008

the dirty old redneck...

so my dad and i went to the dallas stars game on friday night. it was the opening home game of the season and i was super excited about going. i LOVE hockey. i prefer to watch it over football..probably because unlike most kids in texas, i grew up going to hockey games, not football games. as excited as i was, i knew what we were getting ourselves in to by going. here's my dad and here's me...8 months pregnant. we got more looks from people...i guess trying to figure out what's the deal. as we were walking in to the american airlines center, our conversation went a little like this...

dad: people are already staring...

me: well, we look so much alike, maybe they'll figure we are father and daughter..(wishful thinking on my part)

dad: oh, great. they'll think we are imbreaders.

me: uh, gross.

dad: just walk a few steps behind me..(he was joking, of course)

me: no, that's worse! then they'll think you MAKE me walk behing you as a sign of submission or something!

so we proceeded in and went to the stars club. of course, my dad got a beer while i drank my water. good times. so then i got to thinking, here he is in his cowboy boots, drinking, and they think he brought along his young, pregnant wife to be his designated driver. typical redneck. or typical dirty old redneck. i watched people's faces as we sat down. first they looked at me, then down at my huge belly and then immediately looked over at my dad with this look, like they were wanting to say, "how dare you." it was quite amusing. i guess we need to get t-shirts that say "i'm the daughter" and "i'm the father."

as long as his doesn't say "i'm the daddy" i think we'll be okay...there is a part during the game where they show different couples in the audience on the jumbo tron and they kiss for the camera. i was praying to god, buddha and whoever else was listening that they did not put us up there!

anyway, it was a GREAT game although we lost in over time.

we were supposed to go to the fair yesterday, but i talked myself out of much as i wanted to stuff myself with all things fried, i just wasn't up for the walking.

the baby is measuring at 36 weeks...and i'm just now at 33. he already weighs 5 pounds 8 ounces. at this rate, if i go until november 21, he'll probably come out crawling. which would mean less pushing, right??

i was supposed to go back to austin today but have decided to stay another night here at my parent's...there is something i seem to get more of here than at home...REST.

a lady told me today that there is only 10 weeks until christmas...can you believe it??? hard to believe since it's still 90 degrees outside.

well, that's all i got for now..happy monday!


Mike & Lindsay said...

OMG! I was giggling inside when you were talking about you and your dad at the game. That's so priceless. If you had been put on the jumbo tron to kiss I think I would have fallen out of my chair laughing. Anyways, I'm glad to hear about baby boy Brewer. I mean, maybe he'll get to come out sooner than you were told. He's a big one!! God bless you and your crotch.

Mike & Lindsay said...

Oh, and Finley was born a day shy of 33 weeks, and was at 4 lbs 12 oz, and she's normal. Maybe he should come out now. Sorry I'm comment happy.

two in fourteen months said...

I wish I had known you were still around...the girls and I would have stopped by. I keep thinking about all sorts of things I have not talked about???