Tuesday, September 9, 2008

mac's first day of school

she did soooo great...just waltzed in there like she'd been doing it for years! the teacher said she did well except for when story time came around. apparently, playing with the dollhouse was much more appealing to her than listening to a story. but the teacher talked to her and then she was fine.
well, i'm officially 28 weeks along and officially absolutely miserable...i look at my expanding belly and wonder how in the world i've got 12 weeks to go. where is it going to go?? the weight, i mean. my stomach already looks like i'm about to give birth. my ass is slowly but surely losing it's battle with my underwear. i choose to believe that my underwear is shrinking rather than my ass is growing....it seems to work with my husband and his pants. he tries to convince me that his pants are shrinking...not that his waistline is expanding. i am seriously contemplating writing a book titled "pregnancy absolutely, 100% sucks....all the things they don't tell you." there might be one already out there...need to research that one. i can never get comfortable. and when by chance i do find myself somewhat in a comfortable state, then i have to get up and pee. i read the other day that you usually gain about 11 pounds in the third trimester and i feel like making it my life's mission to gain much more just for spite. out of spite for who or what, i have no clue. just because i can.
and as if i'm not busy enough around here, my darling husband decides to bring home another dog. we are know the proud owners~or he is the proud owner~of a black lab named tank. he, of course, is a hunting dog. i mean, he totally needs a dog for the one month out of the twelve he goes and hunts birds, right?? oh. and it gets EVEN better...apparently there was an incident with the golf cart and the dog~which i wasn't made aware of until the next day when it was obvious the dog was injured and needed medical attention IMMEDIATELY. and, of course, this was saturday and cory just absolutely could not leave work. so who was left to clean up this mess??? me and the boys~and mackenzie~had to load this dog up and take him to the emergency animal hospital where he spent two nights being watched over and having his bandage changed. i asked if they had room for me to bunk with him but it was a no go. i figured, no kids, no husband for two nights in a place full of animal tranquilizers might not be so bad. oh! and all of this was right in the middle of what should have been mackenzie's nap. hell of a saturday....
but it gets even better...he HAD to be picked up by 7 am monday morning and wouldn't you know, mackenzie woke up at 5 and didn't go back to sleep. so there we were..me, half awake, and her in her pj's and crocs, going to get the dog at 6 am. then, i had to rush home and get the boys and have them at football practice. where was cory, you ask?? sleeping. sleeping like a freakin' baby. i was silently cursing him and plotting my revenge the whole time. but the fun doesn't end there. i had to take him to our vet yesterday to have his bandage changed and found out that the people who sold him to cory, had not given him any vaccines since he was 9 weeks old. HE IS NOW 14 MONTHS OLD. so they basically treated him like he had never been vaccinated. so we were there much longer than we should have been. and we have to go back EVERY day this week to have the bandage changed. i had realized that morning after i picked him up that the emergency clinic had not given me his meds. they close at 7 am and do not reopen until 6:30 p.m. so i had to drive all the way back over there and pick them up yesterday evening. of course, when i got there, they had already put them back up and had to fill them again. seriously?? all this for a dog i didn't even want....
but don't you worry...somewhere there is a shiny, new gucci handbag with my name on it and it will be mine very, very soon....that i can promise you.

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two in fourteen months said...

as i read this i thought did i post this.....now throw in one more infant to cart around all hours of the day and we might both be hooked on some sort of tranquilizer! You mentioned "boys" several times...is someone else staying with yall?