Thursday, September 11, 2008

i should not be trusted at drive-thrus....

so i made a stupid, stupid mistake today. we were in need of a few know, milk, eggs, detergent and with all the coverage on the news about ike, i figured i better get to the store quick before all these things were gone. little dramatic, i know. anyway, mac and i didn't get dressed and out of here until almost 12:30...which is later than i usually get out to run errands. but we were off to heb, not realizing that all i had to eat was a bowl of cereal and two pop tarts. so basically all i had consumed was sugar, sugar and more sugar. apparently everyone is preparing for the hurricane and decided to use their lunch break to stock up on supplies. needless to say, it was much more crowded than it would have normally been that time of day. so while standing in the check out line, i started to feel weird...not pregnancy weird, but low blood sugar, feel like i'm going to pass out weird. i've passed out several times before so i know the symptoms...sweating, feeling weak, heart starts beating i hurried up and got to my car all the while wondering why in the hell at 7 months pregnant i don't let someone help me to the car with my groceries. i loaded up and then headed to the nearest drive-thru to get soemthing to eat and FAST. there happened to be a jack in the box right down the street. perfect. so i pulled in and fought the urge to run over the two cars in front of me in line. but decided against it....besides, jack in the box is the fastest drive thru, i believe. they really have their shit together. anyhoo, i place my order and that's when things got ugly. i ordered mac's kid's meal and proceeded to order myself enough food for 3 grown men and a midget. sorry. i mean little person. i ordered a number 5 combo...which is an ultimate cheeseburger, curly fries and a large ice tea, two tacos and an order of 3 egg rolls. holy shit. that's all i can say. i dove into that bag so fast you'd think i hadn't eaten in weeks. i won't even tell you how much of it i ate but i probably gained the whole 11 pounds that i should have gained during my ENTIRE third trimester. now, of course, i feel miserable and mackenzie doesn't seem to want to nap today. perfect. maybe my body is preparing for the hurricane. in case i'm confined to my house for several weeks and we run out of food, i'm good. i'm like an animal getting ready to hibernate. animals eat a bunch before they hibernate?? for the sake of my argument, i'm going to say yes, they do.
on another note, i'm really tired of hearing about sarah palin. they are acting like she's the only woman to ever raise 5 kids and work full time. there's something fishy about her...i can't put my finger on it yet but mark my word. personally, i don't trust anyone who goes back to work 3 days after having a baby. that's just not right...unless you are an indian woman, which according to my husband, are capable to anything. they would give birth, go out in the fields and work and then come back and breast feed the whole tribe. well, the babies anyway. and to that, i say, good for them. to my husband, i say, too bad you didn't marry an indian woman....
he seems to know an awful lot about them....maybe he's read books, or watched a documentary. not quite sure...maybe i should give myself an indian name and he'll look at me in a totally different light. i could call myself "walks with waddle" or maybe "sitting blob." anyone have any suggestions??
well, i've got to go pee. shocker.

happy thursday!

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