Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i'm still alive...

i know, i know..i keep saying i'm going to get better about blogging. i don't know where all my time goes...oh, yea, that's right..i have kids. and a husband who could definately qualify as the oldest child. i can tell you what i have discovered since i've been away...vh1 has some of the best trashiest t.v. ever!! if you haven't seen "rock of love with bret micheals" you don't know what you are missing. the best way to describe it as the white trash version of the bachelor...and that might be an insult to white trash everywhere.  let me give you a little background info on the show and it's "star"~and i use that term very loosely. bret micheals was the lead singer of the band, poison. and let me say, that i loved poison, back in the day. the day being the 80's. i was way in to the hair bands...motely crue, poison, def leppard. i had posters of them all over my walls. and bret micheals was hot..again..back in the day. today, he's just pathetic. i believe he is 47. his hair is totally a wig~i don't care what anyone says. it's waaaay too shiny to be real and he always has that bandana on. always. i believe, to hold the wig in place. he wears eye liner. why? not quite sure. but let's talk about the ladies...again, a term i use very loosely. these women are disgusting. they all look like strippers..and not pretty ones. yes, some are cute but most of them look ten times better when they first get up in the morning than they do when they are all made up. the skirts/dresses are sooo short that i swear, i could see one's camel toe. i kid you not. they all stick their tongues down his throat any chance they get..and he does the same. one woman, while competing in a "peep show" to try and win a date with him, licked chocolate mousse off her huge, fake boobs. he says to this, and i quote, "i'm here to get to know these women on a spiritual level and i can't think of anything more spiritual than a woman licking chocolate mousse off her own breasts." straight face and all. i do believe he was totally serious. and i can totally understand these girls competing for this guy back in the day when he was a huge rock star. but now..he's gross. this is the second season. the end of the first, he asks the two remaining girls if they would both be his girlfriend. what??? one agreed, the other didn't. he dumped the one that agreed to share him. and i believe the other one dumped his sorry ass shortly after. probably because she figured out that he's bald as a cue ball underneath that damn bandana.
what the amazing thing is...i can't get enough of this show. i'm totally hooked. i'm always checking to see if it's on. it's totally addicting. watch at your own risk. but you've been warned.
i keep getting asked if we have moved yet. the answer to that is no. we are having some problems with drees homes. long story short: they cut into the foundation. we're pissed. they are trying to make it right. i will keep you updated..
good news for friday night lights fans!! looks like it's coming back for another season. yea! can't wait to see tim riggins. preferably shirtless.
so what about ol' governor spitzer?? what a tool. but you know, i have some advice for poor guys who can't get any action: go into politics. those guys don't seem to have any problems finding some ass. and did you see his wife standing up there with him? why do they do that?? i'm sorry but to cheat on someone once, is one thing. but to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on hookers? that's cause for divorce. she should have been standing up there wearing a shirt saying, "i'm with the dumb ass that spent our children's college fund on dirty hookers," with a big arrow pointing straight at him. and i heard somewhere that he once busted prostitution rings...did he really think he wouldn't get caught?? what a dumbass.
well, it looks like the oveall theme of this entry is skanky hookers and the dumbass men they are with. perhaps, tomorrow i'll talk about my husband trying to convince me that sperm will prevent breast cancer...taken orally, of course.

i think i'll take my chances.

going for a mexican martini...have a good one!

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