Friday, March 21, 2008

good movie, trashy biographies. and shrek's shoes...

so i just got done watching a really good movie~the jane austen book club. now, i have never read any jane austen books or seen any movies based on them but this was really good. you should check it out...and i think i will actually read some jane austen books because of it. but not til i finish the good, trasy ones i've got now. i just got done reading valerie bertenelli's book and it was fantastic. i've always liked her and thought she was super cute. and she was married to a rock star so you know the story of her life is juicy. and it was. and i find that you really can't make up things more interesting than real life. now i'm moving on to chelsea handler's book...i can't think of the title right now..something about one night stands. she is hilarious so i'm really looking forward to reading it. then, i'll read tori spelling's new book, stori telling...pretty clever title. now, if i started a book club, these are the kind of books i would want to read. are they classic, well-written novels with true purpose and meaning. well, hell no. but they are sooo fun to read. 
i found myself thinking today (shocker, i kn0w) as i was picking up mac's room, that maybe i have a mild case of ocd. i'm one of those that feels everything has it's place and should be there..always. i pick up my house every single day. i pick up mac's room twice a day...before she takes a nap and before she goes to bed. do i know that she will wake up from her nap (which she hasn't had in 3 whole, long days..but who's counting?) and destoy her room once again. of course. but i can't help myself. she has a little tea set that sits on her table that i must find all the pieces for...4 little cups, 4 little saucers and the tea pot. i have literally made myself crazy looking for either 1 missing saucer or 1 missing cup. she has a shrek doll that has shoes that she always takes off. in all my craziness, i have to find his stupid shoes and put them back on him. if she drags out every pair of shoes she owns~looks like she may have a shoe fetish like her mama~then i have to put them back neatly in a row. just to have her do it again. it's insane, i know...but i can't help myself. i have been called monica (from friends) by more than one person in my family. i can not go to bed with a dirty will drive me crazy as i think of food getting dried and crusty sticking to my dishes. i hate for a light to be left on in a room~which my husband does quite frequently~i have to go around and shut them all off. i vacuum my house about 3-4 times a week. i hate when drawers or cabinets are left open...even it it's just slightly. drives me insane. is anyone else like this??
so, mac has not taken a nap for three days..what the hell? whoever thought up this brilliant idea of daylight savings time should be taken out and beaten to death. he/she is now on my far it's them and eve. if you read my previous blog about eve, you know what i'm talking about.
i'm soooo excited that the sex and the city movie is coming out in may!! for those who didn't watch the show, i have every season on dvd and you are welcome to borrow them so you can get caught up...if anything, watch the last season so you'll know where they left off. i'm planning on a big girl's night when it opens...cosmos and all!!!
gotta run...i'm sure there is something out of place around here somewhere just waiting for me.

happy friday!

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Mike & Lindsay said...

Okay, I do want to read Valerie's book, and I would really love to borrow the Sex and the City DVDs, and promise to get them back quicker than that last movie this time around. I need to cram it in...soon!!!