Tuesday, April 26, 2011


so, last wednesday, the alarm went off at 4:45 and i dragged my tired ass to spin class at 5:30. i go to spin class monday, wednesday, and friday at 5:30 am. AM. let me repeat that, AM. i've been doing it for a while now so i'm actually pretty used to it but i'm still pretty damn tired when i climb on the bike. i don't listen to my own music because they play music in the studio and you need to be able to hear the instructor when it's time to add gear, speed up/down, etc.. and normally, the music selection is okay...pretty upbeat.

until..it wasn't.

last wednesday, the instructor~who is the usual instructor for wednesday morning, was feeling very, uh....spriritual? yeah, that's a good word for it. she started by playing christian music. now let me say this before you get your panties in a wad: I RESPECT A PERSON'S CHOICE TO LISTEN TO WHATEVER MUSIC THEY LIKE. i, however, do not like christian music. i never have. and i really don't like it when i'm trying to climb a big, ass imaginary hill in spin class. i'm sorry. not gonna work for me.

after contemplating leaving half way through because i was dying to hear some metallica, eminem, the killers, ANYTHING but what was playing...i decided to stay and tough it out. i, mean, how worse can it get. right?

a lot.

the instructor proceeded to explain that this particular spiritual song reminded her of losing her mother. to a stroke. she even started crying. not to sound insensitive, but DAMN. are you kidding me right now?? what do you do with THAT??

what happened next can be summed up in two words: JOSH. GROBIN. yes, THAT josh grobin. and you all know the song.

so while josh grobin was being all raised up, the instructor began to talk about her infertility issues.

needless to say, i left there wanting to go home, eat my weight in chocolate, curl up in the fetal position while listening to patsy cline.

here's hoping tomorrow doesn't bring tales of doom and gloom.

because 5:30 is early, ya'll.

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