Wednesday, February 11, 2009


my great mother-in-law sent these to me in response to my "real housewives" post. they are great!!! and i'm sure my husband is responsible for a lot of them!  thanks, pat, for sharing!

When you lose your voice first thing in the morning trying to get the teenagers up and to school. When you get in your car to start the morning carpool you realize someone has had the car out the night before. (Wonder if that is why it was so hard to wake up and which one is guilty.)    You pick up the toddler at preschool and the teacher recommends that he just might benefit from a dose of  ritlan.  The middle schooler comes home from school and has to have supplies right now for a term project that is due tomorrow. (Warning it's going to be a long night.)  You finally get dinner on the table and everyone seated - a policeman knocks on the door and says he has a warrant for your arrest for that ticket you got racing home from the grocery store six months ago and promptly forgot.  You calmly explain to him you can't possibly go to jail - who would clean the kitchen.  Then you think about it - might be a good break.

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shauna said...

very funny. sounds almost exactly like what happened here last night!