Friday, November 21, 2008


i feel like this is the easiest way to keep everyone informed on what's going on with our new addition, layton. some of you know that he was diagnosed with a heart condition before he was born. we were fully aware of this and knew he would more than likely have to have surgery within days of being born. he was transferred to dell's children medical center today from north austin medical. he will be having surgery on wednesday about 9 a.m. we met with the surgeon today and feel very confident that he is in excellent hands and receiving the best care.

it has been very, very hard. i've only held my baby for a very short time after he was born. he spent the rest of the time in the nicu and, of course, remained there after i was discharged. poor cory hasn't held him at all. i can't explain how difficult it is to watch a dozen strangers hold your baby before you get a chance. 

we are trying to remain positive...this surgery has about a 95% success rate so the odds are definitely in our favor.

we thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers....we need all of them right now!

for those of you interested, layton has a coarctation of the aorta. you can find quite a few things about it on the internet.

again, thank you for your concern and well wishes. it is going to be a rough couple of weeks. we are looking forward to getting him well and home with us! despite it all, he is doing very well, looks great! in fact, you wouldn't even know that anything is wrong with him by looking at him...his color is great and most of the time, he is resting very peacefully. that makes it easier on me.

i will keep you posted on his progress.

love to all!

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