Thursday, November 27, 2008

getting stronger...

layton came through surgery like a champ...he is recovering in the pediatric intensive care unit. he is on a ventilator but is breathing on his own, too. the breathing machine is helping to keep fluid off of his lungs. they are giving him morphine and he is resting very comfortably.

i can't tell you how difficult it is to see your precious little baby hooked up to all those machines.  everytime he opens his eyes, i just want to grab him and run. and while i thought it would get easier leaving him there, it's just getting harder. i can not wait to bring him home. the surgeon told us that he would probably be there a week but if things went well, maybe 4 or 5 days.

thank you again for all your prayers and for all the offers to keep mackenzie. my mother and mother-in-law are here and have been WONDERFUL...they are doing everything from cooking to laundry to looking after mackenzie...which is a full time job!

we will keep you posted on his recovery.

happy thanksgiving!


Lindsay G said...

I'm so sorry you guys are having to tread through all of this. I am so glad that Layton is getting stronger, and starting through his recovery. I wish you could just take him and run. I cannot even imagine what you must be feeling! I'm so glad you have both mamas here to help, and just know we're a call away if anything is needed. We love you guys!

The Nowell's said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I am so glad to hear that Layton is doing so well and I will continue to pray that he gets stronger so that you can take him home soon! I am so happy that your mother and mother-in-law have been able to help so much! So many wonderful blessings!