Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"doodie, daddy, doodie!"

so mackenzie and i were at the pool at lifetime fitness on saturday. everything is going great~or so i thought~when the lifeguards blew their whistles and instructed everyone to get out of the pool. they had just had a break so i was wondering what was up. i then heard a lifeguard tell a mom carrying a toddler, "thanks for letting us know." i then see another lifeguard enter the pool with the scoop. yup, someone had shit in the pool. and the first thing i'm thinking~more like rejoicing~is that it wasn't my kid! i may have the loudest, meanest, most misbehaving, sometimes cussing toddler at the pool but mine didn't shit in the pool. i felt bad for the mom when they left but then again, i wouldn't have told...i would have grabbed mackenzie and hauled ass to the car. no one wants to be responsible for making everyone get out of the pool so they can clean up the shit. and what's up with the lifeguards today? they act like their shit~no pun intended~doesn't stink. they are on such a power trip and i swear most of them don't look much older than 14. they have such attitudes and always have this pissed off look on their faces like they hate their jobs.  i thoroughly enjoyed watching one of them having to scoop the shit out of the pool! i wasn't a huge baywatch fan but i don't remember mitch and sammy jo having such attitudes! that's david hasselhoff and pamela anderson for those who don't know.
needless to say mac and i left and headed to our neighborhood pool. i realize that my child is not potty trained and it very easily could have been her that shit in the pool. but like i said, i wouldn't say anything, so no one would ever know.
well, i'm officially 6 months pregnant and i'm sooooo over it. it sucks. i already feel like i've been pregnant for a year and i've still got 16 weeks to go. my back hurts and i'm already having a hard time sleeping. i have got mac back in her bed where she stays until sometime around 3:00 a.m. and then climbs in bed with us. one step at a time.....
people keep asking if we have a name picked out and the answer is no...we can't seem to agree on anything. we do have one that we agree on but we aren't saying what it is yet. we are mulling over the idea and keeping it to ourselves for now. no, mom, i won't even tell you!!

i promise~again!~to be better about blogging.

happy tuesday!!

**oh, can anyone name what movie the title of this post comes from???**

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