Saturday, March 7, 2009 do know your pregnant, right???

so, i headed back to the gym this week. i feel better already and layton did great in the child care area. the ladies loved him and kept talking about how good he was. 

so after my workout, i'm stretching in "stretching" area. i look over to my right and there is this super cute pregnant girl...she's looks really good, just looked like she had swallowed a basketball. she was stretching on the floor, just normal stuff...and then, she REALLY started stretching. first, she stood up and started doing hand-stands. hand-stands. let me repeat that, in case you didn't get it the first two times. HAND-STANDS. she was actually going up on her hands and stretching out her legs in a v-shape. she did this several times. i was amazed. i mean, the only stretching i got when i was pregnant was rolling over to reach for my bowl of ice cream. so as if that wasn't enough, next, she did a back bend. A BACK BEND. i know most females will know what that is and for you, males...well, ask a female. she went up in to a back bend and started rocking back and forth. belly sticking up in the air like nobody's business. at this point, i think my jaw hit the floor. did i mention that she was pregnant? knocked up? with child? in the "motherly" way??? i think maybe i should have told her...i'm not sure she got the memo.
i just went to youtube, thinking maybe i could find a video of a pregnant woman doing a back bend. i mean, you can find videos of everything else on there. so i typed in "pregnant woman doing back bend." all i got were a bunch of links to porn videos. THAT'S HOW AMAZING THIS WOMAN IS....ONLY PORN STARS CAN DO THIS SHIT!!!
i don't' even think i can do a back bend right now. the last time i remember doing one was my junior year in high school during gymnastics class. oh, and i almost forgot...she did the splits, too!!!! the freakin' splits! if i didn't know this before, i know it now....i was an extremely lazy pregnant person. just a big ol' pregnant blob.

i'm going to go watch "friday night lights" and remember the days when i, too, could do back bends, hand-stands, and the splits....have a happy saturday!


The Nowell's said...

OMG! That is a site to see. I think my jaw would be on the ground too!

Lindsay G said...

That's wild! I just literally tried to do a back bend to see if I could still do it, and I can. However, my getting down and back up on my feet is not so graceful. I might have pulled something, and I'm sweating from trying. I can't even imagine this pregnant!

Brenda Eckert said...

Almost worth switching gyms to catch a glimpse of this girl in action. Try to get a pic on your camera phone next time, will ya?! ;-)